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Two fully naked beings below the showerhead kissing passionately each other. How does it feel? Did you ever try this? Have you ever visited the best Chennai Escort Service and hired a hot escort for some shower play?

Don’t worry if you didn’t.

Turn yourself on by reading this blog.

Important Note:

This blog can make your feel horny. So, be ready with your masturbation kit.

So, read the blog and get fantastic information you can try with the best Chennai Escort tonight.

When All is Wet, Let’s Get Wet Together!

A body wash smelling fantastic, warm water in the shower, sex toys, and a woman wearing a towel coming closer to you and whispering something like, “Let’s have some fun, babe.”

Don’t forget the fact that you’re completely naked at the moment.

She kisses your earlobes and bites them with lighter teeth. The girl is touching your shoulders and chest hairs with a slight usage of nails and licking your lips simultaneously.

While sucking your lips and biting them two, she slowly opens the shower making both of you wet.

Then comes the role of the super-smelling body wash. Reaching your neck, the call girl plans to bless you with a hickey.

With lighter teeth, she started the hickey game and simultaneously rubbed the body wash on her boobs.

Love-bite is gaining momentum while she rubs her slippery boobs on your chest. You can’t resist touching her perky boobs, indeed.

But she’s a player too.

While you were thinking of playing with her boobies, she just held your cock with soapy hands, making it slippery.

And now, the hand-job has just started while her mouth has already gifted your neck a dark red mark.

And finally, you’re turned on, and now you can’t wait to fuck her. Isn’t it?

So, let’s start.

Hold her hair passionately by keeping her under the shower head. Face her to the wall, and rub your soapy dick on the body of the best Chennai Escorts Agency call girl

Spank her butt, and ask her to spread her legs. Now the butthole and pussy are yours from behind.

Rub your dick on her ass, butthole, and vagina till she begs for penetration.

Keep standing under the shower, and put your dick inside her vagina or anus, as per your mood, using the lube. Remember, while having shower sex, don’t think of water as a lubricant. Use a lube instead of oil, and enter your dick inside her.

Let the showerhead in your girl’s hand make her please her clit while you penetrate her.

You can use one hand to touch her clit, and the other to play with the nipples of the top call girl in Chennai

Fuck her hard till you and she cum, and don’t forget to give her a perfect oral in the shower.


Have a happy and fascinating shower sex with the excellent escorts of North Escort. Connect with us now, and book your call girl at affordable prices.

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